Add Link to Facebook

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When making new posts and new pages you will notice a few changes.
Below the normal post area you will now find a box titled:

“Add Link to Facebook”


“Select link image” (optional)
This option selects which photo will appear in the Facebook post.
(default = first image in the post)




“Custom excerpt” (optional)
This text field will appear as the main Facebook text.
(default = no text)

“Custom text” (optional)
This text field will appear as the light-text message underneath the photo.
(default = first paragraph in post)




“Extra URL parameter” should be ignored.


“Video URL” should be ignored.


“Link picture” confirms which picture will be displayed in the Facebook post.







Underneath the Publish settings there will be 4 new check boxes.

The only box that you need to use is the top one (if you do not want the post on Facebook.)

-“[ ] Do not add link to Facebook”
Check this box if you do not want your post to also appear on Facebook.

The other 3 boxes do not apply to your site.